Make Euros From Euro 2008!

Summer 2008, and the Euro 2008 football tournament is in full swing. The biggest tournament in world football outside the World Cup, it’s a big event, and there are ways that you can make money from it…

Of course you will be making pounds or dollars or euros, depending where you live, but the techniques are the same around the world.

You could set up a site dedicated to the tournament, with news updates, interviews, and links to affiliate sites for merchandise, like kit, footballs and posters. When you send traffic to these sites, you have already registered with them, and this traffic is logged as having been sent by you.
If anyone buys, you get paid a commission. It’s a great way to earn moneyufabet วิธีสมัคร without holding any stock, or having to worry about delivery issues.

The main disadvantage to this model is that once the tournament is over, the interest in your site will fade, and quickly too! It’s possible to use this idea as a site within a main football site though.

Another way to use the Euros 2008 for profit is to tap into the fans. There were around 40 countries trying to qualify, and 16 teams in the final stages. That’s a lot of fans! England for example, did not qualify, and yet every match is shown live on tv.

How about providing information to those fans about how they can profit from their love of football! Providing information is a great internet technique, as it can be done at very little or no cost at all.

Fans of football spend a lot of money, that’s why the sport is so sponsorship laden, and those fans would love to know how to get more money to spend!

So you can use the tournament as a subject to drive traffic, then send it to a site where they can get the in