Dryer Vent Cleaning: The Signs of a Blocked Dryer Vent

A blocked dryer vent could make your dryer take several hours drying your laundry, tear your dryer, and spark a house fire. After cleaning numerous dryer vents I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some indicators that indicate that a dryer vent might be blocked. If you notice any of these warning signs it is essential to scrub all vent lines. These signs are:

The clothes will take more than forty minutesor several cycles — to dry, even with the highest heat. This is the most common thing homeowners have told me when they experience an extremely dirty or blocked vent line. If you suspect that it’s taking more time drying your clothes than you would like be, it could be due to an obstruction from lint.

The dryer shuts off at the moment your clothes are dry. The dryer could have an internal sensor for overheating. If there’s less the flow of air through your drain line for your dryer, most dryers shut off automatically when they can’t take the temperature. Computers are also equipped with an overheat protection mechanism.

The indicator light is illuminated. On dryers with newer models the sensor is activated when it senses that there is a problem with airflow. This is an excellent feature on new dryers. However, without annual maintenance, hidden damage to the dryer remains feasible before the indicator light coming on.

When you take a look at the flapper that is on the outside of the cover, you can see that very little air is getting out in the event that the dryer has been turned running. If no air is being blown towards the outside, the majority of the heat gets stuck in the wall. The air flowing to the outside must be strong and it should be possible to feel a strong airflow. In the event that the circulation of the air is not strong this could be a sign of an obstruction from lint waiting to be discovered.

When you open your lint screen you’ll notice that there’s still dust inside the dryer which indicates a vent line issue. There is a popular misconception that the lint screen can take all the dust. I’ve literally removed two trash bags of lint out of one vent line for the dryer. It is crucial to wash the lint filter prior to every dryer load, however this will not help long-term lint accumulation inside the vent line.

The dryer shakes or vibrates in the event that you’re sure it’s not an issue with mechanical nature. If you’ve have had your dryer serviced and it is rattling, it could indicate a decrease in central vacuum cleaning, which can cause the dryer to be more difficult to operate.

If your laundry room is warmer or humid than usual. This indicates that the humidity and heat aren’t getting out of the dryer properly and a vent cleaning should be essential.

If you spot any of these symptoms It is crucial to arrange an appointment for a dryer vent cleaning with an experienced company. The companies who are experts in cleaning dryer vents are equipped with industrial cables that sweep away all the lint on the wall of the duct and blow it out. A regular cleaning of the dryer vent could make a huge difference in the drying time your clothes, and also significantly prolong the lifespan that your dryer will last.

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